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Kundalini Chakras: The Rainbow in You

Have you ever felt that certain colours effect you? Ever heard about the Kundalini chakras?

Do you have a lucky colour?

Is there a shirt which if you wear, the day turns from bad to worse?

Have you ever felt energized when you wear a particular colour dress?

You may find the reason if you said yes to the above questions right here in this article.

It was in our Reiki class that our master told us there was a Rainbow in each one of us. I couldn't wait to hear more.

He then told us about the energy centers in our body, the Seven Chakras. It is these energy centres that govern the functioning of the endocrine glands which in turn is responsible for the proper functioning of our body.

Each of the seven chakras has a particular colour associated with it. We get diseases when the energy of these chakras become imbalanced.

Together with the colour, there are also sounds associated with these Chakras. When you do the Chakra meditation you chant these sounds to awaken and energize these Chakras.

Who are friends? #ThankfulThursdays

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."
-Edna Buchanan

We cannot choose the family we are born into, but we can choose this other family we can create. This wonderful group is called friends.
Today is Thursday and some of us bloggers dedicate this day to remember all things we are grateful for and we post the #ThankfulThurdays post to further the concept.
Did you know that gratitude is one of the most powerful emotion we can feel ?
Gratitude is said to be so wonderful that it helps in manifesting our heart's innermost desires.
In our rushed lives, we often forget to be grateful for the things that we have in our lives. It is when we eventually lose it that we become regretful that we didn't appreciate its value while it existed in our life. 
Let me list the friends you can be grateful for in this life.

1) Your neighborhood gang: 

Yes, we all have that group of friends who were part of our lives since the time we were toddlers. We had our first fights, first adventures and even the first crushes in this group. Now you might have become separated and settled in different places and might hardly be in touch. Why not reconnect with such an old friend today or just be grateful for the happy memories they have given you?

2) Your school friends:

It is often school friends that we spend the better part of our waking hours with. These people have been an integral part of your growth as an individual. You would have spent hours in their company brainstorming ideas or studying new stuff together. Wouldn't it be wonderful to reconnect today with such a wonderful friend? Pick up the phone and call.

3) College friends:

Right after college comes the friends we make while in college. These are the people who are closer to the real you, the grown-up you. You would have shared dreams and ideas for a future life, a dream career. You might or might not be in contact with these wonderful individuals. Today, pick up the phone and call one of your college friends and renew the old bond.

4) Friends at the workplace:

Do you remember the first awkward days at the office and the wonderful bunch of individuals who had done all that they could to make you feel at home? These friends you made at the office might have drifted off to different jobs or might have relocated to a different branch. Make a resolution today to reconnect with one such colleague with whom you shared the fondest office memories.

So who are you going to call today? Are you grateful for these friends? Tell me which group are you close to?

This post is a part of #thankfulthursdays hosted by Tina Basu and Dr. Amrita Misra


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